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Fredrik Perry Pro Model

Im Frühjahr 2017 wurde Fred von den Dino-Machern der Pro-Status verliehen. Damit einher geht ein Brett, das perfekt auf den Riding-Style von Fred abgestimmt wurde. Ergebnis ist ein softes Flat Reverse Camber Board. Traumhafter Flex für Park & Jib, Sintered Base und eine Länge. Mehr braucht @d_opelord nicht! Das Design ist eine Hommage an seinen Vater, der als professioneller Schafscherer sogar an Wettbewerben in dieser Berufsdisziplin teilnimmt.

"Surprise, surprise! Y'er boi, Fred P., the bench pressin', one hoofin', shred freak, now has a pro model! Built around the shape of the Larson board, Fred decided to blend Goldie camber with some early-rise at the contact point to create AM Cam; a profile that keeps this board poppin' in the park and still lets you get loose who you wanna dance on some rails or a bench. Fred has been riding the REPOP camber since he began riding DWD boards years ago, and has since found a new love in the boards we offer with GOLDIE camber. He wanted to create something that had the benefits of both so he would have one board for every situation. A consistent flat camber for popping ollies and nollies, that blends into a small amount of reverse camber just before the contact point; for buttering and jibbing around the hill with ease."


  • True Twin Shape
  • SINtered base
  • Medium to Soft Flex
  • Flat Reverse Camber
  • POPlar wood core with Birch strips along the inserts
  • 12 Pack inserts
  • ABS sidewalls
  • Made in Austria


Länge Breite Radius
153 cm 25,0 cm 7,9 m