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Ben Bogart x Zeachman Flat Camber Parkboard

"Ben Bogart and Big Mike, aka Zeachman, team up on the Bogart board yet again to bring you the board that people can't get enough of. Winner of a 2016 Good Wood award, this one is king (or queen) in the park. Designed by Bogart to make the best day, even better. With graphics by the one and only Big Mike that'll keep you lookin' good no matter what. Those two factors make this board an important ingredient if you're trying to stay off Jerry Of The Day."


  • True Twin Shape
  • SINtered Base
  • Medium Flex
  • Flat Camber
  • POPlar wood core with Birch strips along the inserts
  • 12 Pack inserts
  • ABS sidewalls
  • Made in Austria


Länge Breite Radius
146 cm 24,4 cm 7,0 m
149 cm 24,5 cm 7,2 m
152 cm 24,7 cm 7,4 m

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