WEST Snowboarding 2020 SIX CARRO
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Auf Lager 299,95 EUR
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Wendiger Backcountry Stecken

Seit 6 Jahren die Powder-Waffe schlechthin!

Leicht zu Fahren, wendig und mega Auftrieb an tiefen Pow Tagen. Auf der Piste das ultimative Carving Board und ordentlich Speed dank NHS Base.

WEST über das SIX CARRO:

"A shape that speaks louder than words. This has been the mantra of the «Six Carro» since the day of its conception, and it's a philosophy that won't be changing anytime soon. As the seasons go by, we've become even more convinced that this unique shape is the best tool for riders who take the BC seriously. Our unique design features a big nose for float, short tail for quick maneuverability and great edge grip. New this season we stabilised the upper part of the board by adding a kevlar- carbon stringer in the nose."


  • Directional shape
  • Camber to rocker profile
  • Slightly stiffer flex
  • 20mm set back
  • Tip to tail woodcore (Pappel - Buche - Fichte - Paulownien)
  • 90 degree bi-axial fiberglass
  • Shock absorber
  • Nose Kevlar-Carbon stringer
  • 2mm premium steel edges
  • NHS base
  • Natural wooden top sheet


Länge Radius Mittlere Breite Effektive Kantenlänge
154 cm 7,16 m 25,2 cm 120,5 cm
160 cm 9,5 m 26,3 cm 125,2 cm