Crab Grab Snurf Mitt 2018 Yellow
64,95 EUR
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Ausverkauft 64,95 EUR
Ausverkauft 64,95 EUR
Auf Lager 64,95 EUR
Ausverkauft 64,95 EUR
Auf Lager 64,95 EUR
Hersteller:Crab Grab
Art.-Nr.: 18CGSNFMY
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"Der Neue" ist der Signature Fäustling von Josh Dirksen

Wieder eine Feature-geladene Luxus-Handgarage. Integrierte Hang Loose Loops, Grip und Wärme!

"We teamed up with Josh Dirksen to develop the perfect mitt for finding fresh snow. From short hikes to multi-day splitboard missions, the Snurf Mitt has features inspired by classic mountaineering gloves that will keep your claws warm and dry as you carve your way through winter."


  • PrimaLoft Gold Insulation
  • Incredible warmth to weight ratio. These mitts pack light yet produce heavy heat
  • Breathable/Waterproof Hipora membrane insert
  • Mini-Gaunts - the perfect length gauntlet
  • Hang Loose Loops -hang your mitts upside down from your pack while hiking to keep out falling snow
  • PrimaLoft Grip Control palm insulation


  • Außenmaterial 100% Nylon
  • Handinnenfläche 100% Polyurethan
  • Futter 100% Polyester